Reach Services

Only Representative

REACH Only Representative

As your REACH Only Representative, we take away the REACH obligations from your EU based customers. We ensure REACH compliance, reduce supply chain costs, keep REACH information confidential and annually send out a Certificate of REACH Compliance.
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REACH Pre Registration

REACH Registration

Sitmae REACH Services have done more than twenty five successful REACH Registrations and over six hundred REACH Pre-registrations. We advise on the best approach. Deadline passed? Tell us the details and we will find a solution!
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REACH Compliant

REACH Compliance

We issue Certificates of REACH Compliance. For Substances and Mixtures we provide REACH certificates to your customers as your Only Representative or REACH service provider. For Articles we provide a REACH Certification Service.
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REACH Consultancy

We cover REACH compliance in companies, complex REACH registrations, legal advice and Industrial advocacy (REACH review and REACH revision). We made a ‘REACH Roadmap’ for six European industrial trade associations. Consultancy and advocacy is our origin.
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One-Stop REACH Shop

We provide a complete service to our customers; including Extended Safety Data Sheets in over twenty EU languages, Exposure Scenario’s, ECHA notifications for REACH and CLP and Authorisation requests.
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Article Compliance

There are certain REACH obligations that must be met by articles. Testing is not the preferred method. ECHA recommends pro-active request in the supply chain. Sitmae helps as recommended by ECHA.
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