REACH Compliance Certificates

REACH Compliance Certificates

Sitmae issues Certificates of REACH Compliance. We distinguish between:

REACH Compliance Certificates for Substances and Mixtures

For non-EU producers of Substances and Mixtures we act as their REACH Only Representative.   Reach Compliance   When we are your REACH Only Representative, your EU based customers receive a Certificate of REACH compliance every year.
The certificate states that under REACH your customers are no longer ‘importers’ but simply ‘downstream users’, that all the registrations and pre-registrations have been taken care of, that we are your Only Representative and that we cover all your products. Inspectors are invited to contact us and to examine our records.   As your Only Representative, we take over all the REACH obligations from their European customers. We pre-register and register substances, we keep all the necessary records and in other ways ensure full REACH compliance. To your customers it will be, as if they had purchased your products from an EU-based supplier.   For more details on this subject see our dedicated webpage ‘REACH Only Representative’.

REACH compliance for articles

REACH compliance for articles   REACH not only affects substances and mixtures, but also ‘Articles’.   ‘Articles’ under REACH are objects with a special design or surface that is more important that their chemical composition.   Articles that are exported to the EU must also be REACH compliant. (Beware that packaging materials are nearly always ‘articles’).
  Reach Compliance


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