One-stop REACH shop

One-stop REACH shop

Sitmae is a one-stop REACH shop. REACH compliance also includes smaller obligations. We will provide a complete service to our customers. Evidently for some of these services we must use specialised reliable subcontractors.
In addition the CLP regulation (CLP: Classification, Labelling and Packaging) requires producers and importers of chemicals to notify the classification of dangerous substances.
Some of these services and products are:




Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenario’s

We produce Safety Data Sheets in all European languages. Automatic translation, based upon standard phrases. National specific legal requirements may be added.
Were required, we produce Exposure Scenario’s; also in almost all European languages. The Exposure Scenario’s are based upon the Chemical Safety Reports of registered substances.
Everything in exactly the required EU REACH formats.
We are also equipped to organise the distribution of Safety Data Sheets and keep the required records.

REACH Article Compliance

Sitmae has developed a compliance method for REACH and articles. This is a pro-active non-testing method as recommended by Echa.
For more details on this subject see our webpage ‘REACH Compliance’.

Authorisation requests

Requests for authorisation are complicated. They are generally submitted by cooperating substance manufacturers and importers.
We will represent customers in these consortia and submit the authorisation requests.

Notification of Classification and Labelling

Manufacturers and importers of substances that have not yet been registered must notify to ECHA their proposed Classification and labelling.
We will notify Classification and Labelling on behalf of our customers.
The work is not complicated. For customers who wish to do it themselves, we provide guidance.

Third Party Representative

European companies can stay anonymous for the public under REACH. They may appoint a ‘Third Party Representative’.
As your ‘Third Part Representative’ we pre-register and register your substances under our own name. Only ‘Sitmae’ will be shown as registrant of the substances in the public databases.


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