REACH Only Representative

REACH Only Representative

As your REACH Only Representative, we take away the REACH obligations from your EU based customers.   We ensure their REACH compliance, relieve them from a big administrative burden and reduce costs in the supply chain.   We also keep your confidential business information away from your customers.

Non-European companies and REACH

Only European legal entities may pre-register and register under REACH.   As a Non-European producer, you have a choice:
• Either: Leave REACH compliance completely to your European customers (the importers).   • Or: Employ an Only Representative and take away your customer’s burden.

Advantages of a REACH Only Representative

Advantages of Sitmae REACH Services as your Only Representative:   • Complete freedom to sell to anyone in Europe. No limitation to importers who have pre-registered or registered your substances.   • No confidential business information (such as your formulations) to be shared with customers.
• Cost savings. Only one central registration and pre-registration by Sitmae, rather than separate registrations and pre-registrations for every importer.   • Permanent monitoring of the ever changing REACH obligations.   • Advice on staying REACH compliant with your products.

Our tasks as your Only Representative

As your Only Representative we do the following:   • We analyse your product portfolio for its REACH obligations, and advise how to attain REACH compliance.   • We pre-register and register the substances if and when necessary.
• We advise how to minimise cost and administrative burden.   • We fulfil smaller REACH obligations that otherwise befall on the importers.   • We keep your company and its products REACH compliant.   • We regularly confirm your REACH compliance to your customers and the authorities.

Certificates of REACH Compliance

Every year Sitmae provides Certificates of REACH compliance to the importers; the European clients of our customers. These certificates are highly appreciated. They prove that the importers’ REACH obligations have been taken over by us and they provide the necessary information for the importers’ records.   We certify that we are your REACH Only Representative and that under REACH your customers are simply Downstream Users. They no longer have the complicated importers’ REACH obligations. We certify which products and quantities we cover and that the substances have been pre-registered or registered or are perhaps REACH exempt. Where necessary we provide registration numbers and other relevant information.
The annual Certificates of REACH Compliance provide inspectors with the information they need. Inspectors may also contact us and inspect our records.   Our Certificates of REACH Compliance are always such that legal REACH requirements are met, but confidential business information is never released.


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